James Gips -- Photos

Camera Mouse

Brasel and Gips
with Adam Brasel

George Stiny and Jim Gips 1970
inventing shape grammars with George Stiny in Los Angeles, 1970

with Pete Olivieri and the original EagleEyes 1994
with Pete Olivieri and an early rack-mounted EagleEyes, 1994, waiting for Michael Nash in Gasson Hall basement lab

with Michael Nash
with Michael Nash

with Debbie Inkley
with Debbie Inkley, Executive Director of The Opportunity Foundation of America

daVinci award
winning the daVinci award

In cap and gown in front of Gasson
on the way to Baccalaureate Mass

demoing Camera Mouse

with the Egans
with Barbara, my wife, and Pamela and Jack Egan, who so kindly donated the endowed Chair I hold.  Jack is a former student.

with Barbara in Hawaii
with Barbara in Hawaii