Sergio A. Alvarez

Interests and selected publications (full list here)

Physiological data analysis / mining (asterisks * denote student co-authors)

  • S. A. Alvarez, E. Winner, A. Hawley-Dolan, L. Snapper*.
    What gaze fixation and pupil dilation can tell us about perceived differences between abstract art by artists vs. by children and animals, Perception, 44(11): 1310-1331 (Nov. 2015)
    Near-final version available here.

  • J. Hayward*, S. A. Alvarez, C. Ruiz, M. Sullivan, J. Tseng, and G. Whalen.
    "Machine Learning of Clinical Performance in a Pancreatic Cancer Database", Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, special issue on Data Mining Approaches to the Study of Disease Genes and Proteins (Sun Kim, ed.), vol. 49, issue 3, July 2010, 187-195

  • P. Laxminarayan*, S.A. Alvarez, C. Ruiz, and M. Moonis.
    "Mining Statistically Significant Associations for Exploratory Analysis of Human Sleep Data", IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, Vol. 10, No. 3, 440-450, July 2006

  • Sleep
Data mining algorithms

  • W.-Y. Lin*, S.A. Alvarez, and C. Ruiz.
    "Efficient Adaptive-Support Association Rule Mining for Recommender Systems", Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 83-105, Jan. 2002
Neural networks

  • Alvarez, S. A., Levitan, S.L., and Reggia, J.A.
    "Metrics for Cortical Map Organization and Lateralization", Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, vol. 60 (1998), 27-47